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MetaStock offers the most powerful money-making tools to help you find better trading opportunities, no matter your experience level. It has the ability to reduce the profit-killing emotions of greed and fear from your trading.

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Here's how MetaStock's power tools give you a major advantage in the markets:

  • Trading Advantage #1 - Test multiple trading systems on multiple securities. You'll get buy and sell signals based on the trading system that best matches that security. These signals free you from harmful emotions that influence your trading decisions.
  • Trading Advantage #2 - Scan thousands of securities to find prime trading opportunities. This screening occurs in the background, freeing your computer for other tasks! You'll also get a CD packed with over 30,000 securities organized by sector and industry. And MetaStock allows you to organize your securities by sector and industry group.
  • Trading Advantage #3 - A library of experts will help you with your specific trading situation, identify trends, highlight price bars, place symbols, set alerts, and identify 31 different candlestick patterns.
  • Trading Advantage #4 - Over 200 built-in indicators and line studies ensure you will find the indicators that work best with your trading style. This collection includes over 80 indicators for Broad Market analysis.
  • Trading Advantage #5 - Immediately start system trading with MetaStock's large library of built-in trading systems! You'll find these systems easy to use and very reliable. Additional systems are available for purchase.
  • Trading Advantage #6 - Razor sharp charts of stocks, futures, commodities, indices, mutual funds, and bonds are automatically saved, and can even be saved as Templates or Layouts. MetaStock also gives you nine charting styles to choose from.
  • Trading Advantage #7 - In addition to its amazing analysis tools, MetaStock gives you access to incredible fundamental information that provides you with added insight to your trading decisions.
  • Trading Advantage #8 - Custom-create your own trading systems and indicators. Writing the formulas is as easy as picking the functions you need from a wide array of math and investing functions to save you valuable time.
  • Trading Advantage #9 - MetaStock works with outside software modules. There are over 13 plug-ins and add-ons.
  • Trading Advantage #10 - You'll always find a friendly technical support representative ready to help solve your problem. You can call, send an email, or contact them through chat. And best of all, this service is FREE to our registered MetaStock customers.

MetaStock is the 12-time winner of Stocks and Commodities Reader's Choice Award for best analysis software. So it's not surprising that over 150,000 traders use MetaStock to help them make smarter trading decisions.


What is MetaStock?

  • What is MetaStock? With MetaStock, you can analyze stocks, bonds, commodities, futures, indices, mutual funds, and options to make better informed investing decisions. You can generate your own buy and sell signals and test your investment strategies to see how much you would have made before using real money.

    MetaStock for Windows gives you razor-sharp graphic charts to help you see exactly what's happening with your investments. MetaStock's completely customizable charts let you visually see what is happening with the securities you follow.

    Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned professional, you'll be able to put all of MetaStock's incredible charting and analysis power to work for you in no time


  • Object Oriented Interface MetaStock is the first and only technical analysis program to incorporate a true Object Oriented Interface. That means all of the commands for every object on your screen, such as price plots, toolbars, indicators-everything-are built right into the object itself. You can instantly and effortlessly change anything inside MetaStock with a right-click of your mouse. Don't be fooled by imitators! Some programs implement just a sampling of the functionality, but MetaStock is the only one that has fully incorporated the Object Oriented Interface throughout the entire program.
  • 32-Bit Design The 32-bit technology of MetaStock is so efficient, it's like being able to write with with both hands simultaneously. Old 16-bit programs tie one hand behind your back by sharing processing power between numerous simultaneous tasks. New 32-bit technology gives each task its separate open channel to the CPU so you can complete your jobs faster and smoother than ever before, even while running multiple tasks. And 32-bit processing also gives your operating environment greater stability, doubling the bandwidth of internal data transfers and managing memory and systems resources more efficiently-eliminating problems before they start.
  • Sophisticated Charting and Analysis Tools Elegant Internet Integration MetaStock makes intelligent use of the Internet to enhance your everyday trading. With just a right-click of your mouse, you can save charts as HTML files (the Internet publishing standard format) for posting on the Net, get free current quotes, receive free portfolio tracking and fundamental information from Reuters Money Network, and free market commentary from industry experts, as well as access expert technical support for MetaStock. It's pure genius!

    MetaStock is designed with a focus on two clear goals: to make the most of the Windows 95 and NT operating systems, and to provide state-of-the-art charting and analysis tools. The result is an interface so intuitive and easy to use that, from the start, you'll feel like you've used MetaStock all your life. You won't believe how natural it feels to use MetaStock. No hunting through menus. No confusing icon clutter. All you have to do is remember two simple commands: Click and Pick, and Drag and Drop.

    Click and Pick An advantage you'll have with MetaStock is that all of the commands for each object in the program are built right into the object itself so you can make changes on the fly. Just click your right mouse button on the object and a shortcut menu shows you all of the commands available for that object. Using Click and Pick, all your moves are speedy and logical. Drag and Drop Every price plot and indicator on the screen is an object you can click on, move, and manipulate. To see the price plots for two or more companies displayed in one chart, just click on one of the price plots, drag it to the other chart and drop it in for instant analysis. This amazing feature removes all barriers so you'll see your analysis the way that it makes sense to you. After you've used Drag and Drop, you won't think of MetaStock as object-oriented. You'll think of it as "profit-oriented." A Familiar Interface With MetaStock, you won't have to learn a new interface, or new commands, or new ways of doing things. That's because MetaStock is designed from the ground up to be 100% Microsoft Office 97 Compatible. It looks, feels, and works like Microsoft Word, Excel,PowerPoint, Access, and other standard Windows programs. And it's the only program of its kind to be awarded this high-level compatibility certification. OLE 2.0 Linking Imagine taking a price plot from your MetaStock chart into your Excel spreadsheet...calculating an advanced indicator on that price data in Excel using any of Excel's specialized math functions...then putting that newly calculated indicator back into your MetaStock chart to see it plot right before your eyes. That's the information-sharing power of MetaStock called OLE (Object Linking and Embedding). Now imagine placing that entire MetaStock chart right into your Word document. The whole chart is there, just as it looks in MetaStock. When you update the underlying price data in your MetaStock chart, everything in the Word chart is automatically recalculated and ready to go.

    It's amazing! MetaStock can do this with any program that is compatible with OLE 2.0. It's the way computers were meant to work-seamlessly integrated into a total technical analysis solution.  


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