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MetaStock and MetaStock Xenith
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Reuters MetaStock Xenith Online Demo

MetaStock Xenith is the most powerful real-time platform ever-released to the individual trader. It delivers detailed market data right to your desktop and provides the tools, analytics and market news you need to make your most critical decisions.

MetaStock Xenith Online Training:

Title Description Length
MetaStock MetaStock Xenith Overview What is a container, what are the differences between a workbook and a workspace. General functions and features of the software. 11:11
Athena Basic Charting How to open a security in an Athena chart, adjusting intervals and time spans, applying analysis to the chart. 12:57
MarketWatch Definition and use of the MarketWatch. Loading a symbol/symbol list. Create, save and load templates. MarketWatch Properties. 14:59
NewsWatch How to access NewsWatch in MetaStock Xenith, including filtering, searching, creating, saving, and loading templates. 13:43
Time and Sales (TAS) How to access Time and Sales. How to add a security, and adjust the Time and Sales properties. 14:30
ZoomDynaQ What is ZoomDynaQ, and the basics of the ZoomDynaQ window. How to adjust the properties of ZoomDynaQ. 15:59

MetaStock Online Training:

MetaStock Basic   
(8 videos):

Title Description Length
MetaStock Quick Start How to download MetaStock from your online account, install it and activate it for the first time. 14:02
Opening a Security How to open a security, change the load options for a chart, and add or edit a symbol. 12:33
Indicators How to apply built-in indicators to a chart, change the scaling options for indicators, and how to request custom formula help. 12:05
Backing Up Your Work Backing up your smart charts, template, layouts, saved charts, simulations, and results from the system tester and explorer. Password protecting and moving your formulas. 15:49
Chart Options How to use the chart options, including adding more data to an existing chart, changing the periodicity and customizing scale options. Viewing and/or changing the chart window properties, customizing title bars, tool bars and scale locations. 23:37
Print Format How to personalize your print settings for charts and data. How the Format menu helps you modify the selected object, chart window, and inner window. 22:59
Introduction to Equis International Different ways to contact our famous technical support and sales. How to navigate around My Account on our website. 16:44
Templates and Layouts How to create simple and multi-chart templates for your charts. How to create layouts. 17:54

MetaStock Advanced   (6 videos):

Title Description Length
Enhanced System Tester Overview Basic overview of what the Enhanced System Tester is: what is used for, researching systems, and how to select a system test, securities, dates, and system tester options. 20:43
Running a Simple Simulation How to perform multiple system tests against a single and multiple securities and access the reports for the performed simulations. 15:54
Line Studies Understanding the concept of line studies. How to apply line studies to your chart. 10:40
Application Options Application options for MetaStock End of Day and MetaStock Professional for intraday data. 25:51
The Explorer General overview of the Explorer, including selecting and running an exploration, and changing options for the Explorer. 15:19
Expert Advisor General overview of the Expert Advisor, including how to attach/detach an expert. Purpose and function of the expert advisor commentary window. 15:42

Downloader Training   (3 videos):

Title Description Length
Creating a new folder and securities How to update your symbol database, create new folders, add securities, and collect, adjust and delete data. 13:02
Converting MetaStock data to Excel How to convert your downloaded data to Excel format 12:48
Custom Symbol File How to create user defined custom symbol lists for MetaStock and The Downloader. 16:28
FireFox users: currently these videos do not play in Firefox on Windows we are in the process of re-recording them.



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