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 REUTERS/ TradeStation 2000i Compatibility

TradeStation 2000i is the first trading platform that offers you state-of-the-art charting and analytics combined with the unmatched power to help you design custom trading strategies, test them based on years of historical market data, and then automate the monitoring and execution of those strategies on a real-time basis.

LinkServer2000 is a Windows compatibility application, connecting the REUTERS professional datafeed to TradeStation 2000i.

Developed using the TradeStation Technologies
authorized integration tools, simple to install and customize, the application offers superior reliability,
full maintenance capabilities and the ability to
implement additional features.

LinkServer 2000 Features

How It Works

LS2000 provides two components:
Compatibility SubServer residing in TS2000 and 
LS2000 program, acting as a gateway to the REUTERS API Data Feed .
All the
TradeStation2000i functions are fully available, being independent by REUTERS .

LS2000 runs unattended, connecting the REUTERS desktop platform to the TS2000i GlobalServer.

The real time quotes received from REUTERS will be  instantly processed and sent to GlobalServer, to be archived in the DataBase and plotted into the TradeStation2000i charts

Reuters History2000 Downloader

LinkServer 2000 includes a Downloader Utility designed to retrieve Intraday and Daily historical data from the large Reuters Historical Databases.
The Quotes collection may be based on the whole TS2000i Portfolio Symbols or on subsets selected by the user. Data Resolution can be set to Tick, Minute or Day.
The retrieved Quote Series will be converted to  TradeStation format ".XPO"  files , ready to be imported
into TradeStation using its standard File/Import function.

LS2000 manages the links to the REUTERS System  in order to get in milliseconds every quote update received from REUTERS for the Symbols subscribed. 

As soon as new quotes are received by the DataFeed, LS2000 will send the data to the Compatibility SubServer: TradeStation2000i will then receive the quotes and will update its Data Bases and Charts.

The addition and removal of the Portfolio Symbols are very simple operations entirely made in the GlobalServer Portfolio using its standard "insert/delete" functions.

LinkServer2000 : Annual Fee 1,290.00 Euro
Multiple Workstations Discounts will be applied.

: USD 2.400 (one-time fee)
TS ProSuite2000i   : USD 4.800 (one-time fee)

: Free unlimited Support in English, French, Italian thru Internet tools (e-Mail, Chat systems), Phone. Includes Updates, Upgrades, and limited adaptations to specific needs.
Hardware/Software Prerequisites: 
Pentium IV with 512Mb RAM or more;
Windows NT / 2000 / XP;
TradeStation2000i/ProSuite2000i at ServicePack 5