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 Bloomberg / MetaStock EndOfDay History Downloader

MetaStock is award-winning charting and analysis software for End-of-Day Traders.
Implementing state-of-the art technology, MetaStock leads the way with power tools that provide a level of accuracy and precision that was simply not possible before...

Bloomberg / MetaStock EndOfDay History Downloader retrieves the End of Day historical data from the Bloomberg Database Servers, storing them in the Equis proprietary "MetaStock File Library" format on local or networked Hard Disks. The Data will be archived in logical groups of directories and sub-directories.

History EOD Downloader
How It Works
History Downloader will read an Excel foil, filled by the user, containing the list of the securities (the Bloomberg Security code, the Name or Description and the destination subfolder. The subfolders are useful to group the Securities in meaningful categories, simplifying the management of large Symbols lists.

To download the historical series, the user will select the From and To dates and the Symbols involved: then the application will retrieve the related End of Day quotes from the Bloomberg History Servers and will create or update the Security files in the MetaStock Library folders as requested

The Bloomberg data series cannot be shared: a copy of History2000 is required for each user/workstation. 

Future developments:

We are available to implement the History Downloader application, to include further functions useful in managing large and complex database environments, like automatic Split Alert, retrieval of Index Constituents, Intraday Series Download and others.

The History Downloader annual fee includes limited modifications to the program, providing the modifications are of a general interest.
The History Downloader includes a MetaStock Browser utility program allowing the management of the database.
The "MetaStock File Library" Folders, Subfolders and Securities can be
individually selected for browsing and maintenance. Quotes can be edited and modified .

The historical series downloaded from Bloomberg may also be saved in an
ASCII format files.

Pricing: Annual Fee / Euro 700.00 for the first workstation.
A copy of History2000 is required for each user/workstation.

Free unlimited Support in English, French, Italian thru Internet tools (e-Mail, Chat systems), Phone. 
Including Updates, Upgrades, and limited adaptations to specific needs .
Hardware/Software Prerequisites :  
Pentium  with 1Gb RAM ;
Windows 2000, XP, Vista  
MetaStock EoD or RT , version-compatible to MSFL 7

Copyright 2009

Copyright 2009